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GOVINO/Knoxville...products now available at Embellish Gifts..located within the shops of the Southern Market, Knoxville, TN.

Whether hosting a football tailgate or a large scale holiday gathering, breakable stemware can be problematic.

GOVINO has become the go to option for parties, picnics or even a tailgate. For any occasion when breakable glass is problematic..... GOVINO is the perfect solution!!

**GOVINO “go anywhere 16-oz. Wine Glass

The govino “go anywhere” 16-oz. Wine Glass is the ideal way to enjoy all types of wine whenever proper stemware isn’t available, or in settings where breakable glass is simply not feasible. Made from a lightweight, food-safe, BPA-free polymer, govino’s 16-oz. Wine Glass showcases a wine’s color and projects its aromatics in much the same way as crystal. The glass is also reusable and recyclable, and features govino’s patented thumb-notch.

***GOVINO “go anywhere” 12-oz. Wine/Cocktail Glass:

The perfect size for a glass of white wine or a refreshing cocktail, govino’s 12-oz. Wine/Cocktail Glass is an excellent complement to the 16-oz. red wine version. Whether entertaining indoors, poolside, at a barbecue or an al fresco cocktail reception, consumers can enjoy their favorite beverages at any time, in style.

***GOVINO “go anywhere” 8-oz. Flute

GOVINO “go anywhere” 8-oz. Flute allows consumers to toast to any occasion, regardless of the setting. Its sleek, stemless design, combined with govino’s patented thumb-notch, make this flute the ideal way to appreciate any kind of bubbly.

***GOVINO “go anywhere” 16-oz. Beer Glass:

Outdoor imbibing isn’t just for wine, and thanks to GOVINO “go anywhere” 16-oz. Beer Glass, beer lovers can now join in the fun, too. This generously-sized, shatterproof glass is perfect for everything from pilsners to summer wheats, and is equally at home tailgating in the stadium parking lot or relaxing on the back deck with friends.